XXL Code of Conduct

XXL’s Vision is to be THE PREFERRED SPORTS & OUTDOOR DESTINATION IN EUROPE. In order to realize our vision, we need always to serve the best interest of XXL, act with the highest integrity and constantly work to earn the trust of our customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.

XXL Code of Conduct is based on our four Core Values CUSTOMER-FIRST, KNOWLEDGEABLE, PASSIONATE, CARING. These Values are the fundamental principles that characterize who we are and how we act. Our Code of Conduct is a statement of our commitment to always conduct our business and ourselves in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards. It sets out the basic rules and guidelines that all XXL employees as well as anyone else acting on behalf of XXL must comply with. 

XXL Anti-Corruption Guide is based on the rules and policies included in XXL’s Code of Conduct and provides our employees and representatives with practical guidelines how to handle legal or ethical dilemmas. 

XXL promotes a “speak-up”-culture. Anyone who becomes aware of a violation of the law or our Code of Conduct in any of our operations or by any of our employees or representatives, is obliged to report their concern in accordance with local applicable law or by e-mail to the XXL Group Ethics & Compliance Officer at compliance.officer@xxl.no.  Notifications can also be submitted to our external compliance partner through our Whistleblowing Channel