The Share

XXL ASA (XXL) is a public limited liability company organised and existing under the laws of Norway pursuant to the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act. The Company was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange on 3 October 2014.

XXL has only one class of shares in issue, and in accordance with the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act, all shares will provide equal rights in the Company. Each of the Company’s shares carries one vote.

Basic share data:

OSE ticker XXL
OSE sector Consumer Discretionary
Industry Retail – Sporting goods
Currency NOK
Financial year 1 Jan. – 31 Dec.
Registered office Oslo, Norway
ISIN ISIN NO 001 0716863
Reg. no. of shares 252,436,658
Nominal value NOK 0.40 per share
Share capital NOK 100,974,663.20

XXL share information at Oslo Børs