Vision & Values

XXL´s Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred destination for the sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

XXL is in the sports and outdoor segments of the market. In this part of the market, we target the active people – the enthusiasts. Those who already find joy in sports and outdoor activities, and those who have just started. For our target group, we want to become a complete destination for sports and outdoor geara place they actively want to visit. In order to achieve that, we also need to become preferred in two other important dimensions – by our suppliers and by our employees.

Our purpose – All sports united. Sports unite all

As a market leader within sports and outdoor gear, we feel we have a great responsibility to foster an active and healthy lifestyle. We believe in the idea of democratizing sports. Through our wide range of products and great prices we can make sports and outdoor activities accessible to the many. All in one place, all in one destination. And thereby make more people live more active lives.

Sports and outdoor activities unite people. Regardless of age, gender, skin color, geography or financial position, everyone can participate — on their own terms. This way, sports break down barriers and brings people together across the globe. In a common movement and a common spirit. At XXL, we are true believers of that spirit. We want even more people to discover the joy of being active. And doing what they love. By making our wide assortment of affordable sports and outdoor gear accessible to the many — we can make it happen.

XXL´s value propositions
Our value propositions describe what we strive to offer in the continuous pursue to create the best value for our customers.

Great brands

We offer all the brands and models expected from a true sports and outdoor destination —by our target group: the enthusiasts. Both within sports and outdoor – equipment and apparel.

Great prices

Large purchasing volumes and efficient operations allow us to keep our prices down. Our prices are either better than our competitors, or on par with them. Never higher. At XXL, we offer our customers the best deals guaranteed.

Great expertise
Investing more than others in staff training gives our customers access to the best trained employees in the industry. Both through our stores, e-com, workshops and service offering. Supportive self-service tools (on-and offline) complement our knowledgeable staff.

 Great accessibility

With big stores in great locations and our strong eCom platform, our wide assortment is always highly accessible to our many customers. Flexible and efficient delivery options is a given when shopping at XXL.

Great selection

Our breadth of categories and wide assortment within each category is unparallel to any other sports retailer. We offer the enthusiasts products at all relevant price ranges.

Corporate values
In order to attain our wanted position, deliver on our value proposition and ultimately reach our vision we need to act in ways that support that. Our values guide us to the right behaviors.

Customer first

At XXL, we always put our customer first. We all share the belief that this is what makes us profitable, which in turn lets us invest in our own business and people.


As a sports and outdoor specialist, our own know-how is key. We have relevant expertise in all categories we represent —and we are generous with our knowledge.


We have a deep passion for sports and outdoor. Helping our customers find just the gear, for their individual needs, is what makes us thrive.


We care genuinely about our customers, suppliers, the environment —and about each other. We honor great sportsmanship and celebrate as a team.