Our vision is to be the preferred destination for the sports and outdoor enthusiasts. In the start of 2020 XXL mobilized a comprehensive strategic program addressing all dimensions of the company and operations to support the overall vision and positioning of XXL.

XXL´s overall strategic program is based on 5 strategic pillars to facilitate growth in both short and long-term perspective. These strategic pillars and belonging priorities are carried forward in 2021, with strengthened inhouse capabilities to support multiple strategic workstreams and implementation.

Strategic pillars

  1. Strengthen our offering to support our target position as “a complete destination”
    At XXL we offer great brands at great prices. Our broad assortment is truly one of our key differentiators. We are constantly optimizing our assortment finding the balance between providing a product range from novice to the trained enthusiasts. Close cooperation and strong relationships with our suppliers are important realizing this ambition
  2. Enhance our marketing approach and build the XXL brand
    XXL is a strong brand in the Nordic markets but we will revitalize our brand platform to modernize our communication and marketing. We target to be more segmented and personal in our customer communication to optimize relevance to our customer base. In parallel also differentiate our communication more to give customers inspiration and see the width of our value propositions
  3. Establish XXL as omni-channel champion
    Our strong e-commerce platform has throughout 2020 proven its scalability and efficiency. We are investing to both improve customer experience online as well as improving the customer journey across our online and physical retail. As a part of this ambition, we are investing on RFID and ESL technology to provide a flexible and robust omni-channel infrastructure. Flexible and efficient delivery options must be a given when shopping at XXL
  4. Improve in-store experience, concept and service offering
    Our highly accessible stores are a key asset to XXL and we will update and modernize the concept to improve the customer experience even further. We have during 2020 started to implement new zone structure across all stores to realize activity-based sectors that benefits our staff, customers and partners. Further investing in our highly trained staff and adding on relevant services are essential to providing a great customer experience
  5. Strengthen operational efficiency and our customer orientation
    To succeed going forward we need to maintain our high efficiency but make it even more easy to do so. We need to standardize our way of working and that we have the best toolbox and systems for daily operations so that we all can maximize efforts spent towards our customers

A project portfolio covering all strategic pillars are successfully launched and a program office structure in place to secure progress and safeguard results.

Strategic targets

Looking towards the landscape post COVID, we believe in more stable market dynamics and that XXL will capitalize on our strong business model and capabilities. Our strategic targets are:

  • Our ambition is long-term market share gains in all markets and continue the growth within the e-commerce channel, a cornerstone of our strategy
  • We target to strengthen and improve our gross margin further from the stabilized 2020-levels
  • We continue to invest in improved operational efficiency to decrease the cost ratio and increase quality