XXL’s vision is to be the preferred sports and outdoor destination in Europe. Since the inception in 2001, XXL has built a sports retailer with an annual turnover of approximately NOK 10 billion.

Today we have more than 90 stores in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Austria. We are also the largest online sports retailer in the Nordics.

In total, we are more than 5.000 enthusiastic employees.

Some quick facts about XXL (as of September 2021):

  • XXL Sport og Villmark was founded in 2000 by Norwegian retailer Øivind Tidemandsen. Tidemandsen is still a board member and one of the main owners in XXL.
  • The first XXL store opened in 2001, in Oslo (NAF-huset).
  • Since the opening of the first store, XXL has been one of the fastest-growing sports retailers in Europe. In 2010, XXL expanded to Sweden. In 2014, XXL went further east and opened its first store in Finland. In 2016, XXL launched its e-commerce operations in Denmark. In 2017 came the first store outside the Nordics, in the Austrian capital Vienna.
  • Alongside this, XXL has also built a position as the largest online sports retailer in the Nordics. Online sales surpassed NOK 2 bn in 2020.
  • Currently, XXL has 37 stores in Norway, 29 stores in Sweden, 17 stores in Finland and 8 stores in Austria. In total 91 stores.
  • XXL has three central warehouses serving the stores and online operations. They are situated in Gardermoen (Norway), Örebro (Sweden) and Enzersdorf (Austria).