XXL is a growth company with a short, but successful history. XXL entered the Norwegian market in 2001 with a new, large unit store format that became a game changer in the sports retail market. Through cost efficient operations and a broad product range, XXL has quickly grown to be a leading distribution channel for sports, outdoors, and wilderness in Europe.

Historical milestones

2000 XXL was founded by Øivind Tidemandsen
2001 The first XXL store was opened in central Oslo
2002 Norwegian webpage was launched
2007 Reached a 10 per cent market share (source: Sportsbransjen 2007) in Norway
2010 Private equity company EQT acquired a majority stake in XXL
2010 Opened the first three Swedish stores during a three month period
2011 XXL opened the central warehouse at Gardermoen, Norway
2012 Swedish webpage was launched
2012 XXL gained a 20 per cent market share (source: Sportsbransjen 2012) in Norway
2013 XXL became the market leader in Norway with a 24 per cent market share (source: Sportsbransjen 2013)
2013 Established a central warehouse in Sweden for distribution in the EU
2014 Entered the Finnish market with stores and launch of Finnish website
2014 Successful IPO of XXL ASA at Oslo Stock Exchange
2015 XXL became the largest sports retailer in the Nordics
2015 Opened the first XXL Outlet store, in Charlottenberg Sweden
2016 Launched e-commerce operation in Denmark
2017 Crossed 30 per cent market share in Norway and above 15 per cent in both Sweden and Finland
2017 Opened the two stores in Austria and launched Austrian website